Wigs & Hair Pieces

Wigs & Hair Pieces At Natural Hair Company In Lisburn, County Antrim

If you’re struggling with thinning hair or hair loss, the specialists at Natural Hair Company in Lisburn are here to help. A wig or top piece can really help to disguise thinning hair or hair loss for men and women

Our skilled team includes our director Martine who is a trichologist with 30 years' experience in hair loss.  As the leading hair loss experts in Northern Ireland, we offer help, support, and advice as well as effective hair loss solutions.  We want you to look great and feel confident with your hair, whatever choice you make. 

You can also rest assured that we discuss your concerns with you in a compassionate and confidential manner. We even have a private room where you can try on wigs to find a style that suits you.

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County Antrim

High-Quality Wigs & Hair Pieces

We offer a range of hair loss solutions for men, women and children at our Lisburn salon. During your consultation, our experts can assess your thinning hair & hair loss issues in order to create a bespoke plan tailored to helping you.

You may decide to buy a wig, toupee or hair piece to disguise your hair loss.  We stock some excellent, high-quality wigs and top pieces which look entirely natural and can be expertly cut, styled and blended to look like your own hair. Our skilled team can also give advice on wig aftercare & what to do after hair re-growth.  At Natural Hair Company, our aim is to help you look and feel great with a natural-looking head of hair that can be created using top pieces & wigs.

Wigs For Women

wigs for women at top hair loss clinic in county antrim

Our range of Ellen Wille wigs are fashionable and made for comfort, durability and confidence. 

Whether the wig is used for medical reasons or as a fashion accessory, all hair pieces are ready to wear and style.

If you require rooted colours, lace-fronts, soft materials or an elaborate cap on your wig or hair piece, talk to one of our hair loss experts who can help.

Wigs For Men

wigs for men at the top hair loss salon in Lisburn County Antrim

Wigs, top pieces & toupees are especially effective for disguising thinning hair and all our men’s wig styles also feature a very natural look and are ready to wear, even for the most demanding lifestyles.  

Whether playing sports or at a business function, these masculine styles will help you to feel more confident. 

Call us today to arrange a consultation and see the wide range of hair pieces available.

Wigs For Children

wigs for children at the Natural Hair Company in Lisburn northern Ireland

With styles for both boys and girls, we offer short hair styles, shoulder-length bob or long hair styles that can be tied up into a ponytail.  

Our wig caps are especially designed for smaller heads, are comfortable and easy to wear and maintain.

They are adjustable in size to create the perfect individual fit and will maintain a stronghold, ideal for active kids.


Wig Appointments At The Natural Hair Company In Lisburn

We have a wide range of wigs and top pieces which you can buy fro the Natural Hair Company. You can also come into the salon and we can cut and style your wig or top piece so it suits you. Book an appointment at Natural Hair Company in Lisburn online or call us on 028 9260 5597.