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Hair Colour Correction At The Top Hairdressers In Lisburn

If you’ve had a hair colour disaster, don’t worry! Our expert colourists at Natural Hair Company hairdressers in County Antrim are highly trained to fix your hair colour problems and make sure your hair is looking beautiful once more.

To make sure we are able to do everything we can to solve your hair colour issues, book in for a consultation as soon as possible! At this consultation, we will assess the problem, discuss the options available and come up with a plan to correct the colour and any damage.

We have award-winning colourists amongst our team as well as a Master Colourist with expert knowledge of all aspects of colour, so rest assured your hair is in good hands when you visit us for a colour change or correction. 

Please note: You must come in for a quick patch test 48 hours before your appointment to check for any allergies.

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How Do I Fix A Hair Colour Disaster?

The short answer is you don’t. Book in for an appointment at Natural Hair Salon and let a professional deal with it. If you try to fix it yourself, it’s likely to get worse. If it’s already gone wrong once then it probably will again! Let our expert colourists help – whether your hair didn’t turn out the right colour or it’s become brittle from over-processing, we can fix it.

hair colour correction at best hairdressers in lisburn county antrim

Common Hair Colour Issues

A common problem with at-home dye kits is that it often doesn’t produce the same colour it shows on the box. Brunettes hoping to lighten their hair may end up with orange hair instead, and blonde hair can turn green, brassy blonde or orange as well!

The most important thing is that you don’t try to dye your hair again to fix it. This can damage your hair even more and make the colour worse. Speak to one of our hair colour experts as soon as you can and they will create a plan for you and explain how long the hair colour correction process will take.

Uneven Hair Colouring

Another common issue that occurs from using at-home hair dye kits is a patchy and uneven hair colour. At Natural Hairdressing Salon, we are expertly trained in how to colour hair which means our professional hair colouring services are going to be better than an at-home job. For perfect hair colour every time, make sure to get your hair done professionally! We can fix patchy hair by assessing each section and treating each area to create a gorgeous, blended hair colour.

At-Home Balayage? Leave It To Our Lisburn Colour Experts

Balayage is a hand-painted technique that is best left to the professionals such as our highly trained colourists at our Belfast hair salon. If your DIY balayage has failed because it’s the wrong colour or has left a harsh line across your hair, book in for an appointment at Natural Hair Company so we can fix it for you! 

Colour Correction Appointments At Natural Hair Company In Lisburn

Get your hair dye disaster fixed by the professionals at Natural Hair Company in County Antrim. Book a hair colour consultation by calling 028 9260 5597.