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Hair Colours Experts At Natural Hair Company In Lisburn, County Antrim

Finding the right hair colour to suit you can really transform your look, and at our award-winning hair salon in County Antrim, we can find the perfect shade for you! Our hair colour experts are highly trained in the latest colouring techniques offering everything from balayage to ombré, blonde highlights to fashion colours.

Using professional products from leading colour house Schwarzkopf, we can deliver maximum colour depth and radiance to give you long-lasting colour and hair that is shiny and soft. 

We are also very excited to offer 'COLOUR & GO' which is perfect for busy clients who wants to save time and money!  Our colour specialists will apply your colour and rinse it off, leaving it towel-dried so you can dry and style your hair at home. 

Please note: If you have had Covid or have not had your hair coloured by us in the last 6 months, you must come in 48 hours before your hair colour appointment for a quick patch test to check for any sensitivities.

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Balayage & Ombré

For a subtle, sun-kissed hair colour, ask for a beautiful blonde balayage! Balayage is taken from the French word meaning ‘to paint’ and that is exactly what our skilled colourists do. The colour is hand-painted onto your hair for a bespoke hair colour that is suited to you. Highlights are applied where the sun would naturally lighten your hair and are also applied to flatter your face shape. Although blonde balayage is a top trend, you can get whatever colour you like applied using the balayage hair colouring technique – from copper balayage to deep red and purple balayage, or even silver grey balayage!

Ombré is similar to balayage in that your hair is left darker at the roots and lighter towards the tips. However, this is applied throughout your hair in a gradient so that the colour shift is more obvious. Again, blonde ombré is a popular choice but you could opt for a smoky ombré or dark purple ombré hair colour which both look fabulous too! You could even ask for a reverse ombré which is where the hair is lighter at the roots and gets darker towards the tips instead.

Blondes - Highlights, Block Colour & Balayage

Blonde hair remains one of the most popular colours in the UK and there are plenty of different shades to choose from.  Our colourists at Natural Hairdressing Company in Lisburn can also offer a number of different techniques including highlights, block colour, balayage and ombre. With block colour your hair will be entirely blonde, whereas blonde highlights create a more subtle covering of blonde.

Whatever you’re after, just let your colourist know – but remember, if you have dark hair then it may take more than one appointment to get your hair to the exact shade of blonde you desire. Book in for a consultation at our Belfast hair salon so we can come up with a plan.

Brunettes & Redheads

Blondes aren’t the only ones who have fun! Brunette and red hair colours are gorgeous and are a great way to add some depth and dimension to your hair colour. There are also so many stunning shades to choose from, like deep chestnut brown tones, auburn hair colour and dark chocolate shades. At our hair salon in County Antrim, we’ll find the perfect hair colour for you.

Fashion Hair Colours

Be bold with a bright fashion statement hair colour! Vivid hair colour is a great way to get some attention and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Ravishing reds, bright blues, neon pinks are just some of the beautifully bright hair colours we have available. If you want something softer that still makes a statement, pastel hair colour is also trending with baby blue hair colour, pastel pink hair colour and soft silver grey tones being top choices. For more options from our latest Schwarzkopf colour range, ask one of our team at our Belfast salon.

Hair Colour Correction

If you’ve dyed your hair at home and it hasn’t turned out the way you wanted, do not worry! Our experts at the Natural Hair Company in Lisburn are highly trained in colour correction and can most hair colour disasters.  Book in for an appointment as soon as possible so we can assess the damage and let you know what we can do. Most importantly, don’t try to fix it yourself as you may make things worse. 

hair colour correction at best hairdressers in lisburn county antrim

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