Autumn Hair Trends 2022

Top New Styles This Autumn At Natural Hair Company In Lisburn

When it comes to haircuts this season it’s all about messy layered hairstyles for that effortlessly cool look. Just when you think there can't be any different types of hairstyles out there, we are excited to introduce you to the latest looks for this season!

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The Octopus Haircut

The Octopus Haircut is a new, versatile hairstyle that loosely mirrors the shape of an octopus, with rounded and voluminous layers on the crown for the head of the octopus, and softer, longer layers at the base, mirroring the tentacles.

The look has its roots in funky retro classics, with the texture and edge of the '70s Shag hairstyles, and the tousled rebellious styling of the Wolf Cut.  Even better?  The ultra-cool Octopus hairstyle works on a range of hair types so anyone can rock this style for one of the hottest looks of 2022!

The Wolf Cut Is Still Here

Proving to be a popular hairstyle throughout all of 2022, the Wolf Cut exploded onto the scene in 2021, bringing in wild layers and fabulous texture to create an edgy look that quickly rose to become one of the hottest hairstyles of the year. This edgy hairstyle has rough, shaggy layers on top, which are shorter at the temples to create a modern classic which is wolfishly cool.

Jellyfish Hair

Often viewed as Gen Z's answer to the mullet, this weird and wonderful new style is similar to octopus hair, but is slightly more bold and edgy, with a gender-neutral vibe to it. 

Jellyfish Hair is best described as a cross between a mullet and a bowl cut, with the top or the hair short and rounded, and the back and lengths of the hair left longer, so that your hair looks just like a jellyfish!

The latest celebrity to take on the Jellyfish hair trend is the actress Nicole Kidman. Why not make a bold new change to your hair and go for the jellyfish cut today?

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