Emma Louise

Coming to us from school, 20 years on, Emma-Louise is now a Senior Stylist at Natural Hair Company.  She loves a challenge and has a real eye for detail in her precision cutting and long hair upstyles. Emma-Louise also loves to work her magic with Make-Up.

Which hairstyles or colours do you love creating? I love giving someone a completely different look… I love a sharp bob and I love to use the razor for textures haircuts where I can be really freehand and creative. 

What do you love about your job? I love my job because it’s always something I have wanted to do and it comes so natural to me … I love how I can make people feel better about themselves from when they first come in to when they leave. It gives me a lovely feeling. 

Who inspires you to create fabulous hair? I am inspired by a lot of different hairdressers and fashion – then I put together my own interpretation. Sometimes the simplest hair cuts are the best. My clients also inspire me as they have faith in me and my abilities.

What is your ultimate ambition? I have had so many opportunities working at the Natural Hair Company with competitions and going to London. It feels amazing and I am very grateful. I know how good that feels so my ambition is to help others and teach them, helping them along the way to be the best they can be as I try to be the best I can be. You’re always learning in hairdressing. 

Tell us something about you that might surprise others… I have never worked anywhere else. I left school and joined the Natural Hair Company. 

How would you describe yourself in three words? Creative. Loving. Caring.