Trend Alert… Perms Are Back For Boys!

Curls Are In For Men's Hair At Natural Hair Salon In Lisburn

The perm is back this Autumn for men at Natural Hair Company Hairdressers in Lisburn! Try soft movement or full on curls to get the latest and most fashionable trend! Call us on  028 9260 5597 to book your men's hair appointment!

There are lots of ways to style your curls, from subtle and gentle to curly fry locks! If you pair your perm with an undercut or a skin fade, you can create a look that will be completely unique, and very on trend this Autumn! 

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with naturally curly hair, speak to one of our expert hair stylists to learn how to prepare and style your curls, as well as find out from us the best styling products to keep your curls looking their best!

Book Your Perm At Natural Hair Company In Lisburn

Want to know more about perms and if it will work for you? Or learn how to make your naturally curly hair work with the correct styling technique and products. Call us on 028 9260 5597 now!