Summer Hair Damage Repair

Repair Summer Damaged Hair At Natural Hair Company In Lisburn

When having fun over the summer months, the last thing on your mind is to protect your hair. Just like your skin, your hair can be damaged by the sun. Heat damaged hair often feels brittle and dry.

If your hair feels a little lack lustre after the summer, our hair care experts have the top tips on how to repair summer damaged hair at Natural Hair Company in Lisburn.

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Hair Smoothing

The summer heat and humidity can often lead your hair to become frizzy. Beat the heat and humidity with a hair smoothing treatment at Natural Hair Company. We offer the best L'Oreal X-Tenso Moisturist Hair Smoothing Treatment that is designed to smooth your hair and eliminate up to 95% frizz.

The best part about this hair treatment is that you will have smooth hair for up to 60 days! This means you can have stunningly smooth and shiny hair all summer long.

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Refresh Your Hair Colour

The sun can often cause your hair colour to become dull, as well as making your hair feel dry. At our Lisburn hairdressing salon, our hair colour experts can transform your hair this summer.

Refresh your hair colour with a hair colour appointment at Natural Hair Company. Our skilled hair colour technicians will ensure your hair colour looks healthy, shiny and vibrant once more.

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Best Hair Care Products

Protect your hair from the heat over the summer months with OSiS+ Heat Protectant Spray. This heat protectant spray works to protect your hair from temperatures of up to 230°C, and can be used daily to reduce frizz for tangle-free hair.

Find out more about the best summer hair care products for your hair here.

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