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Vegan, Sustainable Hair Products At Natural Hair Company In Lisburn

2022 is the perfect time to start thinking about how sustainable you are being with your hair care routine. At Nautural Hair Comapny in Lisburn, we have the perfect range of hair care products that will keep your hair in perfect condition, as well as looking after the planet!

Feel good and look great with Authentic Beauty Company!

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Sustainable Hair Products At Natural Hair Company In Lisburn

We are proud to stock Authentic Beauty Concept at our hair & beauty salon in Lisburn. Not only are the ingredients in the products guilt-free, the packaging is made from recycled products where possible, and the bottles, jars and cans are recyclable, all while looking sleek on your dressing table. So now you can do your bit for the environment with Authentic Beauty Concept. 

Authentic Beauty Concept Natural Hair Company In Lisburn

The Right Hair Product For Your Hair Type

Whether you have dry, fine, curly or damaged hair, the Authentic Beauty Concept products cater for all hair types. Each range has its own scent and is formulated to be the perfect solution for your hair care needs. There is a wide range of styling products, so ask your stylist to recommend the best product for your hair concerns and style needs!

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Ask your stylist about Authentic Beauty Concept hair care and hair styling products at your next appointment so you can have healthy, perfectly styled hair while feeling great about it too! Call now on 028 9260 7224.