The Benefits Of A Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatments Benefits This Summer At Top Lisburn Salon

Don't let your hair hold you back this summer. Transform frizzy, unruly hair with a keratin treatment at Natural Hair Company in Lisburn. We offer the best L'Oreal's X-Tenso Moisturist Hair Smoothing Treatment for beautiful, silky smooth hair that lasts all summer long.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about keratin treatments and the benefits of keratin treatments. Treat your hair to a keratin hair smoothing treatment this summer - your hair will thank you for it!

Beat The Humidity With A Keratin Treatment

The summer brings heat and humidity which can cause hair to become frizzy the moment you step outside. If you struggle with frizzy hair that's affected by the weather, then a keratin treatment could be the solution! Keratin hair smoothing treatments work by restoring keratin to your hair which in turn smooths the hair cuticle. This protects your hair from the affects of weather, blocking out humidity and keeping your hair frizz-free and smooth all summer long!

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Eliminate Frizz With A Keratin Treatment

Hair smoothing treatments are not hair straightening treatments! Keratin treatments (also known as a Brazilian Blow Dry) are designed to eliminate frizz and the results will depend on your hair type and condition. If you have very curly hair, then the treatment will work to reduce frizz whilst complementing your natural curl pattern. Whereas, if you have straight hair that's frizzy then the end result will be smoother, straighter hair that's frizz-free.

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Achieve Smooth Hair With A Keratin Treatment

Did you know that hair is made out of keratin? Keratin forms a protective shield around the hair and so when it is lost, the hair becomes dry, brittle and damaged. There are many factors that cause keratin to be lost from the hair, including heated styling, chemical treatments and naturally due to ageing. By restoring keratin to the hair with a keratin treatment, your hair will be smoother, sleeker and shinier.

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