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Authentic Beauty Company Refill Bar At Natural Hair Company In Lisburn


ABC Refillable station


As well as providing at home hair care solutions for a range of hair concerns, looking sleek on your bathroom shelf and already having fully recyclable caps and packaging, the Authentic Beauty Company now has a refill bar, pride of place in our County Astrim salon. 

How does it work? Well, all you have to do is bring back your bottle to do your bit for the environment. Your Natural Hair stylist will advise on the best product for your hair need, then you can start your journey to your hair care routine helping the environment. 

Ask your expert stylist on why you should make the switch to the refillable Authentic Beauty Company range. Call us on 028 9260 5597 for more information, or pop into the salon!

Purchase your ABC shampoo & conditioner, return the bottle to refill & receive a discount on your purchase.