Autumn Nail Colour Trends

Autumn Nail Trends At Natural Hair & Beauty Company In Lisburn

As the leaves begin to change colour on the trees, it may be time to change up your nail colour! Our nail experts at Natural Beauty Salon have the latest autumn nail trends to inspire your next set of nails at our Lisburn beauty salon.

At Natural Beauty Company in Lisburn, we offer the best manicure and pedicure treatments! If you are having a pedicure, please remember to bring open-toed shoes so as to not smudge your perfectly painted toenails.

Brown Nail Shades

Darker shades become more popular over the autumn and winter months. You can't go wrong with a nude nail polish colour or a brown nail shade. Our nail experts can recommend the perfect nail shade to suit you and complement your skin tone.

We offer Bio Sculpture Nails which is gel nail polish that is strong yet flexible and works to nourish your natural nails underneath. This nail polish is vegan and cruelty-free! It will also remain glossy and chip-free for up to 3 weeks.

Brown Nails at Natural Beauty Company in Lisburn

Black Nail Polish

If brown nail polish isn't your style, you can go even darker with a midnight black nail shade! Black nail colour is perfect as it goes with every outfit.

We also offer EVO Gel Nails & The Nail Inc. Builder In A Bottle so that your black nail polish can be long-lasting with a high gloss mirror shine. Of course, this gel nail polish is vegan and cruelty-free, too!

Black Nails at Natural Beauty Company in Lisburn

Red Nail Colour

You're sure to receive lots of compliments when you have a red nail colour! This nail trend is inspired by the autumnal leaves as red and orange shades become popular during this season. Your nails can be just as beautiful as the beauty that we see in nature during the autumn months as Natural Beauty Company in Lisburn.

Red Nails at Natural Beauty Company in Lisburn

Abstract Nail Art

Express yourself through your nails with some fun nail art. Our skilled nail technicians can create gorgeous nail art for you. Abstract nail art is fun and different - it's like a mini art piece on the canvas of your nails! If you'd like something a little more classic, we can also create the best French manicures and pedicures for that chic, effortless look.

Abstract Nails at Natural Beauty Company in Lisburn

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